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Sealed Air Corporation is a packaging company known for its brands: Cryovac food packaging and Bubble Wrap cushioning packaging. It sold off its stake in Diversey Care in 2017. Headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, its current CEO is Ted Doheny.

With 11 to 12 years in the position, a current employee named Fawkner, from Victoria, Australia, shared his experience working for SEALED AIR in a review published by SEEK: “Dealing with doing extras after reducing staff taking up extra duties. Lack of advancement with pay increases”


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Current Employee - Engineer says

"Upper management is full of nothing but yes men. No matter what the CEO or any senior manager says or decides, no one will oppose them or is allowed to give counter points. If someone disagrees with a senior manager they are punished in an indirect way, mostly through compensation and preventing upward movement and career progression."

Current Employee - Engineer says

"Upper management is full of old timers with very old views. Go out of their way to prevent upward movement for younger employees. Many senior managers and above are blatantly racist and sexist. HR goes out of their way to protect these people and punish people that try to report them."

Former Employee - TPS says

"Where do I start? - HR is clueless, on-boarding process was a nightmare. - Technical training (for tech reps in field) was a total joke. Was thrown to the wolves to work on high voltage equipment with zero training and/or certification. -- Technical support is a circus. - Tech reps are basically sales people with another job (installing/repairing industrial equipment) added on top of it. - Equipment is terrible to work on. QC is non-existent. I would sell new equipment, it would ship and be defective right out of the crate. - Zero company culture. - Management is old school and do pretty well but are stretched so thin that they are ineffective. - Good ol' boy network mentality when it comes to middle management."

Former Employee - Operator says

"Advance on buddy system and backstabbing, poor management, forced overtime,have no concern for employees safety, allowing employees to inhale toxic fumes for over 35 years. There is no telling the amount of lungs that have been damaged or destroyed."

Former Employee - Quality Engineer says

"Management & Money @ RI site."

Former Employee - IT Infrastructure says

"No leadership , no guidance and wasteful spending on infrastructure. To many org changes. You have leadership that have no idea on what technology is good for their environment. Employees are left to guide there own careers and are way under compensated for their job description. Big lack of Diversity in upper management."

Former Employee - Extrusion Operator says

"If you are a person of color your a target Ruthless point system No time off"

Former Employee - Manager says

"Worst corporate culture I’ve ever seen; cut-throat from top to bottom. Backstabbing and passing blame is the norm; everyone walks on eggshells since layoffs are constant and unpredictable. This company treats its employees with disdain and/or apathy."

Current Employee - Team Leader says

"Very bad management, people on the top not good decision makers."

Former Employee - Marketing says

"continual change of strategic direction. No consistency in policy (left up to manager discretion in regards to working flexibility). Many managers are inept in regards to decision making and alignment with strategy. Also, they totally ignore any personnel issues, hoping they just go away. (fortunately, one of the worst of the worst was unceremoniously relieved of her duties at the end of April). Top heavy across the board. Previous CEO did his best to eliminate the Cryovac Brand, and that hurt market/customer awareness. Protective Packaging business is forever struggling from a margin and revenue standpoint, but their management now controls most of the company. The belief that the open office environment facilitates collaboration is a farce. Concentration is difficult, at best."

Machine Operator (Current Employee) says

"Pro’s Good benefits Good vacation/sick time Con’s Not trust worthy They will stab you in the back when they get a chance Long 12 hr shifts. There schedule for overtime all the time. They will put you on nights after a little bit. Again not a very good place to work. Trust me Just don’t trust them"

Warehouse Operative (Former Employee) says

"YOU fetch your material You calibrate, adjust the machinery and do the settings and continuously readjust the machine while the material unwinds it needs to adjust everything and align every melting bar or cutting knife with the material all of this while writing from hour to hour in your log book the ammount of units per hour made accordingly"

Warehouse Associate (Former Employee) says

"My manager was racist. Even though they held a Masters' they didnt know anything. They never worked well with certain people, other people they would walk out with, then clock them back in. Anything else they didn't care about. Used to be a good company. ?"

Accountmanager buitendienst (Former Employee) says

"De cultuur is dat de klant er niet toe doet, alles draait om de sales manager en zijn bonus, de monteur is maar bijzaak, ze komen niet hun wettelijke verplichting na Zoals vakantiegeld , reisuren, overwerk worden niet betaald ondanks dat het verplicht is sinds 2018 HR doet net of ze het uit eigenzak moet betalen , terwijl je er gewoon recht op hebt. Zo moest ik mijn eigen ziekenhuiskosten betalen toen ik een bedrijfsongeval had gehad, ik moest ook mijn eigen PBM betalen toen ik een bril op sterkte nodig had. En zelf scaffen ze van alles aan op kosten van de zaak. Nee geen fijn bedrijf als je een sociaal werk plezier wilt hebbenMooi productManagement, en niet nakomen van wettelijke verplichtingen"

Assembly Line Worker (Former Employee) says

"I don't recommend no one to this place.i assumed this job was for me I felt so comfortable till the floor supervisor took that away from me never did nothing wrong but just come to work.i wanted to climb that ladder but they knock me down."

Machine Operator (Former Employee) says

"Bad place to work. Won't advance to supervisor if you are African American. Will fire you without hearing your side of the story. If someone complains"

Forklift Operator/Material Handler (Current Employee) says

"You do not want to work here this place is a absolute joke the management is horrible people are fired at left and right people that have been here 3 months to 30 years does not matter they will walk you out with no issues you can only be late three times and you're fired you could not say certain words or wear certain clothes there are all kinds of rules here trust me his place is crazy I've been here almost four years and I'm looking to get out it is not fair what they pay you and all the work you do you will work 12 hours a day for months straight without any days off its dirty also"

Supply Chain Analyst (Former Employee) says

"The heart and spirit of a community ripped out by the corporate raiders who's major claim to fame was inventing bubble wrap. Other than that a lot of laughs. Worked with some of the most horrible co-workers in the world. A real pleasure to come to work each day and be hung out to dry."

warehouse (Current Employee) says

"Nice place to work unless you're in the warehouse where the family ties come into play. Overworked to the point I have no work/life balance. Underpaid and overworked. I do the job of several people because my manager is connected to the family and gets away with everything including sitting on face book everyday. I was happy to finally get a job but am killing myself now. my hard work goes unnoticed but my facebookig manager gets raises for being a slacker. i cant even take sick days with out grief. there is no easy part of my job."

Inventory Management, Maintenance buyer (Former Employee) says

"The only thing I enjoyed about this company is some of the people I worked with. It is a "test" facility. They run without management (team environment) but really the engineers are the "managers". People are constantly trying to "lead" so it looks a lot like fighting cats. There is a lot of back stabbing and sabotage. Promotions are very rare. The culture is very negative, draining and depressing. If you end up there, you either have to be bullet proof and not afraid to take on everyone or just keep your head down. I would not recommend this company at this site to anyone.noneall"

production operative Temp agency staff (Former Employee) says

"They speed up the machines at a robotic levels. Hot, stressful, and burning plastic environment with a 12 hours a day. If you work as a temp staff, you get no bonuses. Your health is always at risk. They pay you few pence above the minimum wage, and if something happens, it is always your fault. You also stand all day long with a break of only 20 min every 3 hours, or in few cases more. To go for a toiled break you have to find a person who could take your place, which is sometimes impossible, because it is always busy. No music, no talking, only noise and yourself. People get insane after a year or two.nonis just a huge mess"

Worker (Current Employee) says

"If you want to work your butt off and hope to advance within a company. Do not work here. It’s a complete buddy system and 99% of managers have no clue at to what they’re doing. Most managers are silly and immature and have no business being in management."

Senior Vendor Manager (Former Employee) says

"Incompetent Management Open concept literally like having your laptop and phone in a Target store aisle with a red vest on. Constant interruptions every day at work."

Senior Business Analyst IT (Former Employee) says

"Worked in IT department as FTE. The Management is clueless as to what the priorities are. Frequent re-orgs (4 in last 3 years) with layoffs, otherwise also there is too much Attrition in the team. Micro management in the name of Agile with really hard to meet deadlines. Zero worklife balance and rampant crunch culture. Management likes to take lot of H1 visa guys and make them work day in day out an expect others to do same.No growth opportunities, lots of Nepotism and politics."

Mechatronics Co-op participant (Former Employee) says

"The planners at this company are terrible. They do not have any understanding of maintenance or machine work. Supervisors make plans and improvements that usually make the day worse."

Warehouse Worker (Current Employee) says

"Run. Don't work there it's not a good place. Youll start at 14 to 16$ a hour but work swing shifts and overtime alot. They don't care about there people. Just making them money.NoneAll you can think of"

Extrusion Operator (Former Employee) says

"Typically you will arrive to work to find the previous shift doing everything they can to avoid work, leaving you ill prepared to start your shift. If you are night shift (first 3+ years of full-time) then management will not be there when you get to work. There is a huge gap between floor workers and management. Management likes to tell you how to run a machine they do not know how to run, eventually they cut our manning from 3 people to 2 yet expected more changeovers at a faster rate. All about the numbers. There are no supervisors since they use the "team" setup. This leaves coworkers with no one to settle disputes or rule on disagreements on how to do something. Co-workers were hit or miss, some great some terrible. Nothing could be done about lazy worthless co-workers since there is no accountability. Hardest part of job was 12hr shifts for me, some like it though. Most enjoyable part was the pay was decent.Decent pay.Long hours, poor management system, no upward mobility, lack of accountability resulting in poor co-workers, boring job on good nights, hectic on bad nights, not allowed any form of entertainment when working, more than I can list"

Shift Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Bad place to work. No security with your job and a hostile environment."

Extruder Operator (Former Employee) says

"No place for advancement for people of color. Divided by black and white! Managers do not value employees at all. When you begin working here, make sure you are comfortable with absolutely no personal Time! PayManagement, lots of overtime"

Employee (Current Employee) says

"Lack of Leadership Favoritism No integrity No support No thanks for a job well done Look for any thing possible to write up employees and if no proof they do it anyway Do what they want to who they want, when they want"

francisco Garza says

"They suck at looking for items in the store"

A J says

"I bought from them in a sale. I factored in all the import costs. What I did not take into account is that they could not pack my records well enough to carry down the stairs, let alone to survive the journey across the Atlantic. I ordered a lot of stuff and the box they used was quite large. It contained my order, two of those little sealed air pillows and nothing else! All the items were trashed. The items had moved around so violently that one of the sealed air pillows had burst. Customer service was appalling. They say this as being neither their fault or their problem. Resolved by Paypal. Thinkgeek told me that if I didn't cancel my Paypal dispute, I would not be allowed to order from them. This was the least threatening threat ever. Given their utter incompetence and disdain for me as a customer, there is absolutely zero chance of me ever buying from them again."

Aubrey Carruth says

"Worst service ever. I called to check on an order that has taken over 5 days to ship and they told me 2-4 MORE weeks. Wouldn't let me cancel nor would they expedite. I ordered a backpack to carry on a plane in a week (giving it 2 weeks to arrive) and it won't even be shipped yet. AWFUL SERVICE"

Adam Puffwudgie Forsbrook says

"ONE OF THE WORST ONLINE RETAILERS I HAVE DEALT WITH. I brought item for 60.00 instead of 250.00 on customs forms they ALWAYS out the MSRP rather than what you have paid thus making customs OVERCHARGE you. They have had 15.00 bed sets then customs form put item through as 100.00!!!! I am expected to pay £80 in customs instead of £20 because of there screw up. When contacted they basically said if I refuse delivery item will go back to them and then they not refund me. That IS THEFT! TRULY HORRIBLE JOKE OF A COMPANY. Every year we go Orlando and spend £400 in the shops I WONT EVER buy from them again! You have been warned!" is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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